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Mar 16, 2004
home again home again.

i'm back from my hawaiian vacation
i have so much to post but right now i'm tired and sifting through email.
i figured something happened here and will look into my tagboard deletion too.
Oh well, i hope everyones fine and well.
BBs to update and tell you all about hawaii.


Posted at 12:26 pm by nosey poster child
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Feb 17, 2004
work blah work blah

have you ever had one of them days when work is just blah n blah.
I'm startin to miss Hank awfuly and its been hard,
i thought workin longer hours would help me through it
but nahh its just makin me think more then need be.
Works been kinda blah anyways lately, not a whole lot happenin here worth talkin bout,
i really wish i had found somethin in la,
at least i could do hank drive bys or somethin hehehe, get a butt fix or something lol
I miss ya hank baby
just so ya know i'm thinkin of ya every day and lovin ya more too.


Posted at 05:16 pm by Cherrie
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Feb 14, 2004
happy birthday reesa

Happy Birthday Reesa,
hope you had ya some good ol fashioned fun.
Love Cherrie

Dee  from chinwaggz helped me with your gift!

Thanks dee love u xxx


Posted at 06:19 pm by nosey poster child
Comments (2)

Feb 6, 2004
Stalked and loving it

I have finally been able to log onto the computer at home ( we had a phone cable issue)
 so  I was elated at the gifts my stalker has made me. ( notice the fabo MM stuff)
I joined this little niche on the web called valentine stalkers its in the same spirit of gift giving and surprises as secret santa.
Its been hosted by the ever so wonderful ladies of Blogdrive Insanity and with all their wonderful help hard work and loyalty sticking to the project there are some very happy stalkee/stalker type campers out there stalking up a storm, Including myself.
Thanks  especially to Dee and Friday who jammed like crazy with their minds and pulled the Vs project off and I also bow to the great minds of jsg, zombie and bliff from blogdrive insanity for all their hard work on the project too.
I applied to be a bdi staff member but got declined as I am not overly good creatively lol.
But i still think these 5 ladies are true inspiration to us all.
Thanks ladies you all are treasured wonders.

View my fabulous stalkee page here

I have also signed up for nascar hysteria, Go Jeff Gordon!!!!!!!!
you can probably become a BDI member and sign up for that competition too.. I'm hoping on winning the free webspace/domain name prize, how cool, as they have actual sponsors for the competition and everything.
Hank gave me his tips before I came home and  told me to pick Jeff Gordon for five races so, five it is.
We both enjoy Nascar and both like Jeff Gordon.
Well I have entered the competition but my entry is not up yet but i have been assured it will go up soon.

On a personal note.
Hank and I are having a break from one another for a month to see how things go, we both think at times we jumped in fast and when i review my blog i see at times maybe we did.
I feel sick to my stomache with nervousness as i truly want to be with this man and i feel horrible inside and out that it has come to having a break to be certain of our feelings.
I have no idea how hes doing as i promised him and myself i wouldn't call until the 4 weeks was over.
Not unless an emergency happened or something but ya'll know what I mean.
each day seems like an eternity and i'm very sad , but i am trying to keep busy with work and my stalkee page.

Ok well glad to be back.
Love to lisa and jen without you guys  life would truly be over!


Posted at 11:01 pm by Cherrie
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Jan 25, 2004
Going to LA

I'll be back Jan 31st I'm off to Hanks we need some quality time together to sort this out.
Lisa and Jen I'll call you when i get back
Love Ya'll


Posted at 02:08 pm by Cherrie
Comments (1)

Jan 14, 2004
hmmm he called.

Finally he called..
and i was so mad i hung up on him because it took 11 days.
He called and i hung up can you believe my stupidity.


Posted at 02:06 pm by Cherrie
Comments (1)

Jan 8, 2004
Blah boo boo

5 days and still no hank.
I am in no modd to even  type but its my venting box. I mean i refuse to call him either so we are at a stand off.
His mama called to see if i was ok because he told her  we'd had a fight but blah, thats not good enough HE should call me.
If he doesn;t he doesn;t I am not going to die over a a guy even if i love him to death.

I am gonna go and eat some butter pecan and watch jerry lewis.
bye for now blog

Posted at 02:05 pm by Cherrie
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Jan 3, 2004
I hate Holidays

New year was crap, Hank  got stuck in the crowd at the landing trying to get to us from the mens washroom and another girl grabbed him as  it hit midnight and gave him his first kiss i was watching from across the room with my friends, dying. I know its not his fault, i mean i do know it ,but blahh,,,, i hate holidays.
Its not she was great looking it was just the timing.It was a special time that was ruined.
 We had a big fight and I made him take me home.
I hate holiday season it wrecks everything.
2days and not a word, YES i'm counting.. Lisa - stop calling me I'm fine!


Posted at 02:01 pm by Cherrie
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Dec 29, 2003

And so the story goes.......
Christmas day was fun, hank bought me a ring its perfect, its a i want to marry you pre engagement kind of ring,
I forget what its called but basically its the ring you get to say your spoken for before they pop the question. Everytime i think of that it makes my head spin and my heart whirl.
He loved his watch which i am so pleased about. we ate and ate and ate all day and then cuddled in front of the fireplace once all the family and friends had gone. it was the BEST Christmas ever!
Here Comes New year 2 More Days yayyy!


Posted at 01:59 pm by Cherrie
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Dec 23, 2003

OI posted an entry and never checked it , to return to my blog and it was gone POOP!
Its 2 days til christmas

Posted at 01:55 pm by Cherrie
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